Wednesday, May 18, 2005

End of the semester

Well... tomorrow is my official last day of class, my final. And I have a weekend to recoup before my next one. It should be fun. I just need to make it through this year. That is all. and then next for real!

And bc of my hectic schedule, I rescheduled mother's day for this weekend. I am sleeping over and hanging out with my mom and aunt. I hope they stay up later than 8pm.

Good bye school, see ya!
A weekend of drunken times
Not quite with mom there

And my ode to swearing off extra sweets (yeah, we will see how long this lasts)
Sugar, sugar....tear
Dry your eyes, no more fillings
I will miss you tons

Friday, April 22, 2005

Marshmallow iced coffee?

Yep. It was weird too. It tasted like those little marshmellows from Lucky Charms-only a liquified version I guess. Not to mention it took me 6 hours to finish a large. I would be careful if I were you. It gives quite the headache- I am not sure if it is the caffeine or the sugar...

CONGRATS to Matt who was just accepted into grad school!

Monday, February 28, 2005


Wow, I havent blogged in forever! Over a month! Well since my last blog, I have been taking an Anatomy and Phys class which I like alot. I am doing really well in the class thanks to no social life and skipping the gym. But it will work out in the end, I promise! I am really concerned about the summer bc I have a summer and a fall semester to complete 3 classes. Two of those classes have a required lab, which may not be so bad except Sam is leaving. Sam is off to bigger and better things. I cant blame him. There is no stimulation here-it is what it is. Yeah for school! Yeah for moving on!

Oh and my older brother just got a new puppy. Nika is a teensie weensie beagle that is about 5-6" long and 4" high at 8 weeks. She is going to be one petite dog! I cant wait to meet her.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Whoa so yesterday was pretty eventful. I was able to leave work for like 6 hours to go and sign up for a class. And to return books to another college where my original class was cancelled. I was so anxious bc I had to tell my boss what my intentions were and he was really cool about it. You can tell he values people going back to school to improve their education and blah blah blah.

But more shocking, the woman who works in our printing press ripped the top portion of her thumb off yesterday. She was awesome. She kept very calm (considering the circumstances). Everyone was fast in their decisions and she was able to get to a hospital in no time. I feel so bad for her bc her husband, according to everyone here, is a drunk and a low life. Not to mention he was drunk when he arrived at the hospital and claimed he had no money to get gas to go to the hospital where she is now. He doesnt work. He cant keep a job. What the heck? She needs someone there for support- emotionally, physically, and mentally- but he cant even do that. I dont know what they are going to do. She works here FT, works OT on Saturdays if needed and works a second job on Sundays.

Oh and today isnt going any better than yesterday. One of the other guys came in weepy this morning. His wife just asked for a divorce. This is the opposite of the thumb lady in that his wife doesnt work. They have 5 kids, 2 of which are biologically his. Apparently, she met someone new and there is no chance of reconciliation.

Is it a full moon or something? Our department is on its way to being emotionally drained. WTF?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Some weird links

Something sad that made me cry....

And some wacky fish!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Ick... back to work

I was so tempted to call in this morning. My weekend went well. My second job is going ok. I feel more comfortable there than I did before. I like the people I work with but it is the whole getting used to part that is taking a while. I have never worked for an office like that before.

Matt and I had a great weekend together. We went out to eat and rented a movie Sat. and then went to a matinee on Sunday. We were able to get home right around when the game was starting so he watched that while I went grocery shopping and other random stuff. Overall it was a nice weekend. I didnt want to crawl out of bed this morning. I never take sick days, but I live so close to work that I feel guilty about calling in. I want my sick day to be a stay in bed and watch dvds all day kind of sick day.

Friday, January 14, 2005


On the brighter side of things....I just got home from work and you will never believe what I got in the mail!

A photo Christmas card from his cousin and her daughters who my heart feels at home with. They are great people. Anyways, they live in Colorado-where I said I always wanted to move.

So I was asking myself, out of all the days this could come, why today? What is the connection here? There are always connections- people, places, events. I guess we make our connections with what we feel they mean. Or try to justify the meanings of things. I sound like my mother. I will have to leave describing her to another blog.

I should just move out there. I will see how I like it this year visiting and take it from there.


I am very frustrated with my boyfriend right now. I dont even want to talk to him when he gets home tonight. I love him dearly, we are great friends but I am second guessing everything. We have been together for over 3-1/2 years and living together for almost 2. I feel like his lack of motivation is deteriorating our relationship. I feel like I am his mother and I dont want to be. Everytime we have a discussion about the things he needs to be motivated about, he makes promises but then nothing happens. He wants me to be supportive of his decisions and goals. Which I am/was. I am just sick of everything going nowhere. Sometimes I feel like it would be easier for me to move on but I love him, I really do. I dont know what to do.

There are some characteristics that I want in a partner that are really important to me. And I realize you cant change a person, especially that extreme. I want someone who is active and will pursue what he wants. I want someone who is optimistic and fun to be around. I want someone who enjoys being outside more than sitting in front of the tv. And I want someone who likes taking care of themselves-working out, eating right, etc.

He is a great guy, but there are some things I need more of. I dont think I am asking for alot. Maybe I am. What should I do?